Vintage garage Avery Hardoll petrol pump

Beautiful looking Avery Hardoll Shell petrol pump. Paint has been left in original condition apart from the top piece which was very shoddy looking so was stripped and powder coated, the glass needed replaced on one side as it was frosted perspex in originally. Some of the lower internals were broken so were removed, which helped make it a little bit lighter on the plus side. The interior shell logos on the white perspex on either side are new as they were originally missing. The nozzle isn't attached to the hose any more, that just needs cleaned and reattached.
The pump is double sided but the light is only on one side, it's 2 strips though so could be added to the other side.
Apart from obvious sides and wear, paint scratches, knocks and dings it's in nice condition. No key to the side small panel.